BEE Group

BEE Group holds and operates a network of companies, which have specialized on research, development, approval and distribution of EEG-based technologies for mental health. BEE Group believes that the structure of a modern, cloud-based network infrastructure is most agile, scalable, efficient and effective in order to provide the highest possible value to all stake holders, i.e. the customers and their patients, our companies‘ employees and partners, our investors and the other participants in our field.

BEE Medic

BEE Medic

Mental health professionals are, in contrast to most other health professional groups, not used yet to apply technology. Therefore, not only there are no established distribution networks that address this professional group, also there is little knowledge how to address this group to raise the awareness of such technologies, provide training and instruments.

BEE Medic GmbH Switzerland, BEE Medic GmbH Germany and BEE Medic, Inc. USA attempt to fill that need. By their close cooperation amongst each other, with research oriented clinics and with customers they acquired unique knowledge how to serve these markets in a modern, non-obtrusive, constructive and value adding manner.

BEE Medic cooperates closely with BEE Systems to make market knowledge appear in innovative products quickly.

BEE Medic aims to keep up innovation of modern neurofeedback methods.

  • Close cooperation with leading research institutions and clinical operations
  • Instruments for research
  • Practical clinical evidence through more than 100.000 neurofeedback sessions
  • Development and optimization of clinical approaches
  • High level of clinical effectiveness and efficacy

The HBImed AG was founded in 2009 in Switzerland to convert 25 years of brain research into clinically applicable products. Central piece is a reference database built on EEG and ERP assessments of healthy subjects and patient groups as a base for discovery, validation, approval and application of biomarkers for mental health issues.

By today, HBImed’s database is the largest of its kind by a wide margin. HBImed’s machine learning algorithms operate 24/7 on a growing set of reliable data.
Already today, HBImed offers a report service that allows researchers and clinicians to profit from the current state of knowledge and experience.

The products and services by HBImed AG aim to enable a more objective diagnosis of mental disorders and contribute to an optimum personalized therapeutic intervention. The analysis tools and reference databases created by HBImedAG are unique in terms of scope and precision.

Knowing about its huge potential on the one hand, but limited market size at present on the other, HBImed focuses on fundamental research and development of substance and refrains from using buzz words and presenting hockey-stick curves to investors.

A Fundamental Change in Diagnostic Science

The HBI database is a revolutionary tool enabling healthcare professionals

  • to assess dysfunctions of brain systems by means of biomarkers
  • to support a more precise diagnosis and define the best possible therapeutic intervention (e. g. for AD(H)D subtypes) (personalized medicine)
  • to predict medication responses and monitor its effects
  • to support the development of new drugs
  • is approved as medical device in the EU an the USA

„HBI“ refers to „Humen Brain Index“

BEE Systems

BEE Systems

BEE Systems LLC and BEE Systems GmbH do not appear under their own brand but are OEMs to BEE Medic, HBImed and others for research, development, approval and manufacturing of highly sophisticated hard- and software for the areas of EEG-based therapy and diagnostics.

They rely on a wide network of suppliers, service providers and factories in order to be able to make an idea a product quickly and efficiently.

Focus of the product development

  • Practical systems, mature and easy to use
  • Use of latest technologies
  • Approved according to all applicable standards. BEE Systems also seeks approval for all its software products.
  • Technical complexity stays in the background. Users shall be able to focus on their patients, and practices shall not look like computer labs.
  • Close cooperation with clinical research partners is key.
  • Leading

    in developing techniques for EEG signal processing, advanced feature extraction and complex feedback animation control

  • Research

    in cooperation with a wide network of renowned institutions, clinics and companies

  • Development

    are highly sophisticated -at the same time we place great emphasis on usability

  • Key Technologies

    for professional evidence-based uses of the EEG for supporting diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders

  • 30 Years experience

    in developing EEG-based techniques for neurotherapeutic and neurodiagnostic procedures

  • We are a reliable partner

    for healthcare professionals and for private and institutional investors