Advanced mental health solutions

BEE Group facilitates the development of EEG based technologies for the support of diagnosis and therapy in the field of mental healthcare.

Mental Health

Our modern knowledge and information society is followed by an increase in psychosocial and psychomental requirements and stresses. Psychological issues have been on the rise for years. The need for better diagnostics, treatment and prevention of mental illness is becoming more and more of a pressing issue.


The widening service gap in mental health care calls for new tools and services that help to reduce cost and improve the health service. Due to its ability to improve the self-regulation capacity of the brain, neurofeedback appears to be going to be indispensable part of base psychotherapy. Already today modern neurofeedback is being used in thousands of practices and hospitals on a regular basis.


A further building block for better mental health care are innovative methods in the area of neurodiagnostics, which can help in detecting mental illnesses in their early stages, making diagnoses more precise and objective, and facilitate a better personalized therapeutic intervention. Latest technologies in precise EEG acquisition and advances in computer technology and machine learning help accelerate biomarker research.